Insulting Counselor Al Zend

Type Felony
Public title of the case Insulting Counselor Al Zend
Case number Number 20706 for year 2015, misdemeanor court of Kasr al Nile, inclusive number 12 for year 2015, inclusive journal of central Cairo
Case Year 2015
Court Cairo Felony Court
Judicial Department Third department – south Cairo
Judges of the first court Mohamed Mahmoud Al Shorbagi – President


Mohamed Hassibo

Joseph Edward

Number of Accused 2
Accused 1- Iman Yahya Ibrahim Badawi

2- Gamal Fouad Metwali Sultan

Contender and his representation Public Prosecution – authority of accusation

counselor Ahmed al Zend – prosecutor accourding to civil right

Accusations – defamation through publication and impersonating a journalist (for the journalist Iman Yahya)

– Failure to fulfill the duty of journalist of supervision and allowing the publication of the article the subject of the charge (for Jamal Sultan as the editor”

Articles of accusations 65, 103, 115

of the law number 76 for the year 1970 connected to the establishment of the journalist syndicate.

Articles number 5/171, 200 repeated, 1/302, 307 of the penal code

Date of first verdict attended 22 /3 / 2017
First: Punishing Iman Yahya with a fine of thirty thousand pounds for the initial charge of “defaming the Counselor” and fining her three hundred pounds for the second charge “impersonating a journalist”

Second: Punishing Gamal Sultan by fining him ten thousand pounds for what he was assigned.

Thirdly, the defendants are charged with criminal charges

Fourth: Referral of civil proceedings to the competent civil court without expenses.

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