Insulting Judiciary (Matay Lawyers)

Type Felony

Public Title of the case


Insulting Judiciary (Matay Lawyers)


Case Number


year 2014

Case Year 2014
Court Felony Court of al Menya
Judicial department
Judges of the first court
Judges of the first court of cassation
Judges of repeat court
Judges of second court of cassation
Number of accused 22
Accused 1- Ibrahim al Desouky Mohamed – head of Mantay department of lawyers syndicate

2- Mohamed Sayed Sayed Mohamed

3- Atef Hosni Abdul Hafiz

4- Khalaf Tharwat Abdul Ghani

5- Ahmed Eid Ahmed Teleb

6- Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Khaled

7- Abdul Nasser Mohamed Abdul Nabi

8- Mohamed Hamed Abdul Magid

9- Mahmoud Mohamed al Azhari

10- Mostafa Abdul Azim Mohamed

11- Khaled Mohamed Mohamed Abdul Aziz

12- Khalaf Mohamed Mohamed Al Ansari

13- Haytham Mogahed Ahmed

14- Mohamed Shaaban Farag Allah

15- Mohamed Ragab Mohamed al Sayed

16- Hani Ezzat Mohamed

17- Mostafa Ahmed Diab

18- Ahmed Mohamed Shayeb

19- Hesham Mohamed Mohamed Hassan

20- Mohsen Mostafa Abdul Rahim

21- Ahmed Salah Shabib

22- Ahmed Hassan Qotb

contender and his representation Public Prosecution – Authority of accusation
Accusations An attempt to occupy the courtroom of misdemeanors by force and to obstruct work within the court by preventing its judge and litigants from entering to complete the session at the specified time and place to examine cases, gathering, insulting and humiliating the judiciary,

assaulting staff and blocking the way to court

Accusation articles
First verdict date attended


9- 8- 2015
First verdict attended Life imprisonment 25 years in absentia for 8 lawyers, 3 years imprisonment for one lawyer and acquittal of 13 others.
Date of the first verdict of court of cassation
Verdict of court of cassation
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