Hammam Sayed Al Amouri 24647 year 2016 al Delengat Centre crimes

Type: Felony

Case no.: 4808 year 2014 Al Montazah II Department crimes registered no. 132 inclusive east

Case year: 2014

Adverse: Public Prosecution

Representation: Accusation authority

First Verdict

Date: 7-11-2017

Judges:  President – Ossama Akef Ahmed Qobeissi

Members – Ihab Mostafa Ibrahim and Abdul Sala Abdul Ghafour Al Kholi

Court: Damanhour Criminal Court

Department:   7 penalty

No. of Defendants: 1

Accusations: 1- Joining a terrorist group 2- verbal and actual promoting to the aims of the mentioned group 3- jeopardizing transportations safety 4- participating in a crowding aiming to commit crimes to terrify and assault citizens with the following results: a- parading force and waving to use violence b- acquisition firearms without a license c- acquisition of fire ammunitions without a license d- acquisition and possession equipments used to assault personnels

5- planning a crowding aiming to commit crimes to terrify and assault citizens

6- participating in a demonstration resulting the violation of the public security and hindering and jeopardizing interests of the citizens 7- arranging a demonstration without a notification

S Names Verdict Attending – in absentia
1 Hammam Sayed Ahmed Ahmed al Amouri Acquittal Attending

Verdict text:

The court ruled in attendance of the defendant of his acquittal and the confiscation of the firearm