Appealing against the decision of House of Representatives and Consultative Council of participating of the members of the two councils in the founding assembly for preparing the constitution of 2012

Type: Administrative cancellation and other administrative claims

Case no.: 26657 judiciary year 66

Date: 2012

Court: Administrative judiciary

Department: First

Decision appealed against: The decision of the House of Representative and Consultative Council non hired members in the joint meeting held according to article 60 of the constitutional announcement which stated to  elect members from the two councils to participate in the founding assembly

First verdict date: 10-4-2012

Appellant: Shehata Mohamed Shehata and interfering adverses (Khaled Ali Omar – Al Sayed Alaa al Din – Nabil Ghorbal – Mostafa Al Maraghi – Wafaa Abdul Salam Mohamed al Masri – Maged Gamal Gad Ali  – Sameh Ashour – Mohamed Hafiz Atia Al Ashqar – Gaber Gad Nassar – Shehab al Din Ibrahim Abdul Maguid – Mohamed Taha Mohamed Al Shazly – Maher Abdul Fattah Hassan Youssef – Yasser Abdul Mohaymen – Al Sayed Gayed Bessada – Rimon Saad – Mona Gaballah Abdullah – Armia William Yaakoub – Souma Mansour Abdul Shahid – Gamil Ahmed Allam)

The Appealed against: Head of House of Representatives – Head of Consultative Council – Minister of House of Representatives and Consultative Council Affairs each in his capacity

Judges: President – Ali Fekri Hassan Saleh

Members: Abdul Aziz al Sayed Ali and Sami Ramadan Mohamed Darwish

Verdict text: The court ruled of the rejection of the defense aspects claiming that the court is not competent and the acceptance of the lawsuit in form and the suspension of the  appealed decision with what results from this and obliged the appealed against to pay expenses of the request during execution and the referral of the lawsuit to the State Commissioners Authority to prepare a report concerning the legal point of view.