Zakaria Hussein Mohamed Azmi 2439 year 2011 New Cairo (Graft)

Type: Felony

Case no.: 2439 year 2011 New Cairo registered no. 1430 year 2011 inclusive East Cairo

Case year: from 1974 to 2011

Adverse: Public Prosecutor

Representation: Accusation authority

Notes: Trial of one of the symbols of the ousted regime Hosni Mubarak

First Verdict

Date: 27-5-2012

Judges: President – Beshir Ahmed Abdul Aal

Members – Sayed Abdul Aziz and Tarek Abo Zeid

Court: Cairo Criminal Court

Department: Eighth South

No. of Defendants: 2 (and an interfering adverse)


First Defendant: (As an employee in the administrative authority in the State, acquired for himself and his wife illegal profit resulting from exploiting tasks and authorities of his job and his capacity which he exploited to acquire such money)

Second Defendant: (Hiding money acquired from the crime of political graft with his knowledge for such a crime)

Interfering Adverse (the first defendant’s wife): profiting from money acquired through political graft

S Names Verdict Attending – in absentia
     1. Zakaria Hussein Mohamed Azmi Seven years imprisonment and a fine of 36, 376, 834 L.E. and same amount on behaf of his wife Attending
     2. Gamal Abdul Monem Soleiman Halawa One year imprisonment in effect Attending
     3. Bahya Abdul Monem Soleiman Halawa (interfering adverse) Obliging her husband to return an amount of 36, 376, 834 L.E. on her behalf Attending

Verdict Text:

First: to punish the first defendant of 7 years imprisonment and to pay a fine of 36, 376, 834 L.E. and the same amount on behalf of his wife Bahya Abdul Monem Halawa and obliged him to pay the criminal expenses

Second: to imprison the second defendant one year in effect

Third: to reject the civil suit and obliged the prosecutors to pay the expenses including attorney fees