Pulic Title for the case: Trial of Mostafa Hosni Omar Salem in case no. 10584 year 2015 al Mataria Misdemeanors

Type: Misdemeanor

Case no.: 10584 al Mataria misdemeanors

Case year: 2015

Adverse: Public Prosecutor

Representation: accusation authority

Notes: the first degree verdict was appealed against and the case registered no. appealing 21509 year 2015 appealing misdemeanors al Mataria

First Verdict:

Date: 20-9-2015

Judges: Mohamed Safwat al Husseini

Court: New Cairo Court

Department: Mataria misdemeanors

No. of defendants: 1

s Name Verdict Accusation Attending – in absentia
1 Mostafa Hosni Omar Salem On year imprisonment in effect and a bail of 5 thousands L.E. to suspend the penalty Inciting to demonstrate, acquisition of firearms Power of attorney

Verdict Text:

The court ruled in the attendance of the attorney: to imprison the defendant one year in effect and a bail of 5000 L.E. to suspend the execution of the penalty and obliged him to pay expenses and ordered the confiscation