Pulic Title for the case: Appealing against the presidential decree no. 587 year 2013 to expand emergency status for two months

Type: Administrative cancellation and other administrative claims

Case no.: 74029 judiciary year 67

Date: 2013

Court: Administrative judiciary

Department: First

Decision appealed against: The decision of the President of the Republic no. 587 year 2013 dated 12-9-2013 to expand emergency status for two months


First verdict date: 12-11-2013

Appellant: Ahmed Seif al Islam Hamad – Maha Mahmoud Youssef – Abir Sayed Gama Ishaq and interfering in solidarity: Gamal Abdul Aziz Eid – Rawda Ahmed Sayed – Hamed Sidiq Sayed Mikki)

The Appealed against:  The President of the Republic in his capacity

Judges: President – Mohamed Ibrahim Qishta

Members: Adul Magid Ahmed Hassan al Moqanan and Sami Ramadan Darwish

Verdict text: The court ruled of


First: The rejection of the defense claiming the non competence of the court in loyality to consider the lawsuit and the assurance of its competence

Second: the acceptance of the lawsuit in form and the rejection of the suspension of the decision appealed against and obliged the claimers to pay expenses this request and the referral of the lawsuit to the State Commissioners Authority to prepare a report concerning the legal point of view.