Suspension of the decision of the Public Prosecutor of banning publishing concerning the Presidential elections forgery of the year 2012, lawsuit no. 2402 judiciary year 69

Type: Administrative cancellation and other administrative claims

Case no.: 2402 judiciary year 69

Date: 2012

Court: Administrative judiciary

Decision appealed against: The decision of the Public Prosecutor dated 14-10-2014 of banning publishing concerning presidential elections forgery of year 2012


First verdict date: 19-1-2016


Appellant: Samir Sabri Saad al Din

The Appealed against: Public Prosecutor in his capacity

Judges: President – Yahya Ahmed Ragheb Dakroury

Members: Abdul Maguid Ahmed Hassan Al Moqanen and Sami Ramadan Mohamed Darwish

Verdict text: The court ruled of the rejection of the defense aspects submitted by the administrative body and the acceptance of the lawsuit in form and the suspension of the banning of broadcasting or publishing news concerning the investigation proceeded by the investigation judge concerning forgery incidents in the presidential elections ran in the year 2012 with what results from this in the way figured in the reasons and obliged the administrative body to pay expenses