Appealing against the decision of the Minister of Interior Affairs of ratification of the military verdicts issued concerning firing police members from their jobs 108 judiciary year 49

Type: Administrative cancellation and other administrative claims

Case no.: 108 of judiciary year 49

Date: 2015

Court: Disciplinary Court

Decision appealed against: The decision of the Minister of Interior Affairs assistant concerning individuals no. 4318 year 2010 of ratification the military court verdict in the case no. 182 year 2008 inclusive which results firing the appellant


The verdict issued from the Supreme Constitutional Court in the appealing no 133 judiciary constitutional year 26 in the session dated 4-11-2012 of the non constitutionality of the fourth paragraph of the article no. 99 of the Police Body Law issued by presidential decree of law no. 109 year 1971 before being altered by law no. 25 of year 2012 and the verdict of the military court against the appellant is non constitutional and cancels all the effects of this verdict including the decision of the termination of his service founded on this verdict, so he appealed before of the the disciplinary court



First verdict date: 29-4-2015

Appellant: Mahmoud Abdul Dayem Saadawi

The Appealed against: Minister of Interior Affairs in his capacity

Judges: President – Hossam Hosny Abdullah Farahat


Soleiman Samir Abdul Hakam Radwan and Amr Fathi Ibrahim Harraz

Verdict text: The court ruled

First: the acceptance of the appeal in form and in subject the suspension of the decision appealed against no. 4218 year 2010 issued to terminate the service of the appellant for the turn figured in the reasons with what results from this of effects