Essam Abdul Rahman Sultan 16073 year 2014 al Maadi misdemeanors

Case no.: 16073 year 2014 al Maadi misdemeanors

case year: 2014

Adverse: Public Prosecution

Representation: Accusation authority

First degree verdict

Date: 14-10-2014

Judges: Mohamed Sherin Fahmi – president

Abdul Shafi al Sayed Othman and Hamada al Sayed al Sawi – members

Court: Cairo Criminal Court

Department: 11 South

  1. of defendants: 1
Names of defendants Verdict Crime Attending – in absentia
Essam Abdul Rahman Mohamed Sultan One year imprisonment  in effect Insulting a judicial tribunal during the hearing Attending

Verdict text:

The court ruled in attendance of the defendant of imprisoning the defendant for one year and obliged him to pay the criminal expenses