Khaled Talaat Abu al Yazid (C. 2530 year 2012 East Military Misdemeanor)

Type: Misdemeanor

Case no.: 530 year 2012 East Military Misdemeanor

Case year: 2012

Adverse: Public Prosecution

Representation: accusation authority


First degree verdict

first degree verdict date: 14th May 2012

Judges: Ibrahim al Sayed Diab – president

court: Central Military Court

department of defendants: 1

Defendant Name Crime Verdict Attended – absentia
1 Khaled Talaat Abu al Yazid Abdul Rhman Verbal insulting to a public employee

Cursing a public employee

Six months imprisonment in effect Attending


Verdict text:

The court ruling in the attendance of the defendant:

Of punishing the defendant with six months imprisonment in effect.