Albert Saber Ayyad (C. 18377 year 2012 al Marg Misdemeanor)

Type: Misdemeanor

Case no.:  18377 year 2012 al Marg Misdemeanor

case year: 2012

Adverse: Public Prosecution

Representation: Accusation Authority

First degree Verdict

Verdict date: 12th December 2012

Judges: Mohamed Moussa – president

Court:  Al Marg Misdemeanor

Department No. of defendants: 1

Defendant Name Crime Verdict Attended – absentia
Alber Saber Ayyad Verbal and written promotion to fanatic thoughts

    establishing a website to promote fanaticism
Three years in prison

a bail 1000 L.E.


 Verdict text

The court ruled in the attendance of the defendant:


To refuse the civil lawsuit and obliged the prosecutor to pay the expenses


To imprison the defendant for three years in effect and a bail of 1000 L.E. for penalty suspension and to pay the expenses.